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Troubleshooting Regios Automatic Discounts

We're sorry you're experiencing problems with our app. In this article, we've outlined how to handle the most common problems users face with our app.

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Troubleshooting discounts on product pages

If you're using the "Product page discount" app block/"Discounts embed" app embed:
Consult this article for help.

If you're using the "Discounted price" app block:
Start by familiarizing yourself with the limitations of the "Discounted price" app block
Read our "Discounted price" app block troubleshooting guide
If you still have a problem, reach out to support.

The easiest way to troubleshoot - use the "Test discounts" page

We have created a "Test discounts" page in our app, that lets you:
Preview how discounts will apply with different items in the cart, different customers, etc.
Troubleshoot why your discount isn't applying as expected, with plain English feedback.

Using this page, you might be able to immediately solve your problem. Check out this tutorial to learn how to use it.

If you'd prefer not to use the "Test discounts" page, continue reading to explore the possible reasons your discount isn't applying as you would expect.

My discount isn't applying in the cart/checkout

There are a few different reasons you might not be seeing your discount applying.

Please read this article, which lists them.

The calculated discount is incorrect

There are a few different reasons you might be seeing an incorrect discount applying.

Please read this article, which lists the possible reasons.

Why isn't my discount combining with other discounts?

A screenshot of the "Combinations" options

First, make sure you have used the "Combinations" options on the discount settings page to set your discount up to combine with other discounts.

If that didn't solve your problem, please upvote and comment on this post in our public feedback board to let us know how important this is to you:

For more information about discount combinations, please read the "Technical information about discount combinations" section below.

My discount stops working when there are many items in the cart

Please read this article we have written about this problem.

Why is only the highest discount being applied?

Please read the "Technical information about discount combinations" section below.

Technical information about discount combinations

When combining with other discounts, our app follows the same rules and limitations as Shopify's built-in discounts.

Please read Shopify's "Discount combinations" help article to understand what's possible:

In general, if 1 line item in the customer's cart is eligible for 2 product discounts, Shopify will only apply the one that gives the highest discount.

I can't save my discount.

Please get in contact with our support team.

We recently updated the app, and fixed what we believe was the cause of this issue.

If you're still running into problems, we can send a collaborator request and troubleshoot the app for you.

When both a subscription and non-subscription version of the same product are in the cart, both receive a discount

Please read this section of our helpdesk, which answers this question.

I still need help!

First, consult our FAQ to see if your question already has a solution.

If not, our support team is available to help you get the app working in your store.

Click the chat icon button at the bottom right of the page to get in touch with us.

To find your answer as quickly as possible, please include as many details as possible:
What specifically is your problem?
What are you expecting to happen?
Do you have any screenshots or recordings? Especially if you have screenshots of the discount settings page, cart/checkout page, and app block settings (if you're using the "Discounted Price" app block), this is super helpful, and will allow us to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

We're happy to help!

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Updated on: 14/06/2024

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