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Supported Themes

Because every Shopify theme is different, our "discounted price on product page" (DOPP) feature only has dedicated integrations with a limited number of themes out of the box.

Other themes can still be used, with some additional setup.

This article will explain how to make sure you can display discounted prices on product pages in any theme, and ideally support collection pages as well.

Which themes are supported out of the box?

Dawn (and any theme based on it, we have a list below)

Which themes are based on Dawn?

Probably most other Online Store 2.0 themes made by Shopify

If you'd like us to add built-in support for your theme:

Please submit a feature request to our public feedback board, with the name of your theme, and the link to it in the Shopify App Store.

If your theme is not supported out of the box:

Don't worry. You still have plenty of options.

Option 1 - Use the Discounted Price Block - works for every Online Store 2.0 theme, no coding required

This option only supports the product page.

You can simply use our existing "Discounted price" app block. It can optionally replace Shopify's built-in "Price" block on your product page.

You can find instructions on how to set it up here.

Option 2 - Custom theme setup, coding required

If you're on a custom theme, we have instructions here on which edits you need to make to your theme to make it work with our DOPP feature.

This will give you the most control.

Have any feedback for us?

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Updated on: 15/04/2024

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