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Limitations of the Discounted Price Block

The "Discounted price" block has several limitations:

The app block HTML is based on the Dawn theme. If you are on another theme, you may have to customize the CSS. We have included some styles that support a wide array of themes, but some may slip through the cracks.
Automatically changing the on-page price when a variant is selected is only fully supported in Dawn. We have some code for this that supports a wide array of themes, but some may slip through the cracks.
This feature doesn't share settings with discounts. You will have to manually set the percentage/fixed amount.
This feature isn't timed together with discounts. You will have to manually remove the app block when your discount expires.
This feature doesn't support the collection page yet.
Not all the customer filtering options are available. You can only either filter by tag, or make the discount visible to all customers.
There is no "active dates" option at this time.

Why so many limitations?

Every Shopify theme is different, so it's impossible to make one solution that works with everything out-of-the-box.
Shopify theme app blocks are rendered server-side, which greatly limits our ability to react to user actions in the browser.
Shopify theme app blocks can only support a limited number of settings.

Workaround: upgrade to the new DOPP

We have created a new version of the "discount on product page" (DOPP) feature that addresses many of these limitations.

If you'd like to try it, read this article to learn how to set it up with the "Discounted Price" block.

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Updated on: 07/04/2024

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