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Capabilities of Regios Automatic Discounts

The #1 automatic discount app
Regios Automatic Discounts is a Shopify app released in 2023 to help merchants create advanced, segmented, discount offers on their store.

It is compatible with many other apps, and was awarded the Built for Shopify badge for its high quality.

You can create both automatic discounts and manual discount codes.

Key Features

Dynamic Discounting
- Our app automatically applies discounts based on rules and conditions you define.
- Several conditions are available, such as customer tags, customer metafields, customer geolocation, specific products/collections/variants, specific vendors, customer number of orders, and more.

Rule-Based Discount Allocation
- For simple use cases, such as a "10% off discount for a specific customer tag," use our basic logic builder.
- For more advanced use cases, such as applying a discount to multiple customer tags, or other combinations of conditions, use our advanced logic builder (Premium plan or higher required).
- The advanced logic builder allows you to exclude customers/products/selling plans/etc. from discounts, as well as chain multiple conditions together, with a UI similar to Shopify Flow.

Display Discounts on Product Pages
In order to improve customer experience by displaying automatic discounts throughout the whole buyer journey, we have a feature that automatically displays discounted prices on product pages.

For more information, read this article.

You can also display a volume pricing table on product pages.

Tiered Pricing/Volume Discounts/Quantity Breaks
- Our app's built-in volume discounts allow for different discount levels based on order quantity.
- For instructions on how to set up volume discounts, consult this article.

Buy X Get Y Discounts
- You can also Buy X, Get Y discounts. Follow these instructions to set a BXGY discount up.
- However, these discounts do not automatically add the "Y" product to the cart. If you'd like us to add this our app, please upvote and comment on this thread in our public feedback board.

Integration with Shopify
- Unlike many other discount apps, our app does not rely on draft orders. Instead, our app is built on a Shopify API called Shopify Functions.
- Because our app is based on Shopify Functions, it integrates seamlessly with your store, and can work on the Online Store and POS Pro sales channels.
- Also, even if our app servers go down, your discounts will continue to work as expected, because the code is hosted on Shopify's servers. This makes Regios a reliable option.

Best Practices for Utilizing Regios Automatic Discounts

- Consult our helpdesk for video and text tutorials on setup.
- When you have issues, first consult our Troubleshooting Guide.
- When using the "Discounted price" app block, be sure to understand its limitations. Follow this article to learn how to set it up correctly, with our other app blocks.

Unsupported Use Cases

- Customer segments are not supported, due to limitations in Shopify Functions. To get updates, upvote and comment on this thread in our public feedback board.

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Updated on: 04/07/2024

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