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Using Regios Automatic Discounts with Draft Orders

Does your app depend on draft orders?

Our app does not depend on draft orders. Our discounts are implemented using a Shopify API called Shopify Functions, which can apply to normal orders on multiple sales channels.

How to apply automatic discounts to manual draft orders

As of Shopify Winter Editions 2024, it is now possible to apply automatic discounts from our app to draft orders.

For example, if you're taking an order over the phone, and entering it in the Shopify admin backend, you can check "Apply all automatic discounts" in the discount field to apply discounts from our app.

Due to limitations in the Shopify mobile app, you can only apply automatic discounts to draft orders on Shopify desktop.

Click the thumbnail above to watch our founder demonstrate how to apply our app's discounts to a draft order.

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Updated on: 18/07/2024

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