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Troubleshooting Discounts on Product Pages


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"There is a problem with the app block"

Screenshot of how this error message appears in the Theme Editor.

Your theme might not be compatible.

Please make sure that you are using an Online Store 2.0 theme, as this is required for app blocks to work.

If you're on an OS 2.0 theme, but still seeing this message, then it's possible your theme doesn't have a single "product" template.

If so, you'll need to manually open the Theme Editor and add our app blocks to the desired template.

You can follow the instructions in this video:

I am not seeing discounts on product pages

To display discounts on product pages, you need to create an automatic product discount.

Order and shipping discounts are not supported on product pages, because they are not applicable to individual products.

Discount codes the customer has to enter at checkout are not supported either, because they are not automatic.

Screenshot of discount embed

Please verify that you have the "Discounts Embed" turned on in your Theme Editor.

Screenshot of setting the "Product" setting to a dynamic source

Please verify that you have the "Product Page Discount" app block active in your product template.

Ensure that the "Product" setting of the block is set to the "Product from current page" dynamic source.

If your discount only applies to specific customers, make sure you are logged in, and that your account has any required tags/metafields/etc.

If the product has a "compare at price", follow the instructions in this article to make sure you have the right setup for handling items already on sale in your discount settings.

I am not seeing discounts on collection pages

Your theme might not support using our app on the collection page. Please read this article to learn which options you have to display discounted prices on the collection page.

If your theme is supported (or you have performed custom theme setup correctly), but discounts are still not displaying on the collection page, you may be missing the "Collection" setting.

Screenshot of proper setup

Please open your theme editor settings, and make sure it is set to the "Collection from current page" dynamic source.

The wrong discount is applying on my site

Your discount settings might not have been synced to the "discount on product page" (DOPP) feature. No worries, just click the "Force sync" button in the "Add to theme" page pictured below:

Where to find the "Force sync" button

You can also manually sync an individual discount by clicking "Force sync" in the "Display on online store" card on the discount settings page when editing a discount.

The "Force sync" button for a single discount

If the problem persists, contact us, as there might be an issue in the app.

When a customer selects a different variant, the sale price disappears, and only the strikethrough price is left

Please try using the "Delay" option on the "Discounts Embed" app block.

In some themes, the theme code automatically overwrites all HTML in the price container after a new variant is selected. If this happens, it will hide the sale price, and you will be left with just the original price.

The "Delay" option tells our app to wait before updating price elements on the page, so you can use it as a way to make the app wait until after your theme code has done its work. However, the amount of time it takes for your theme to overwrite the HTML in the price container can depend based on your theme, so you might have to experiment with different values to find one that works consistently.

We recommend trying a delay of at least 1.5 seconds.

I still need help!

If you encounter any issues, please report them here:

Our support team is available to help you get the app block working in your store.

Click the chat icon button at the bottom right of the page to get in touch with us.

To find your answer as quickly as possible, please include as many details as possible:
What specifically is your problem?
What are you expecting to happen?
Do you have any screenshots or recordings?

We're happy to help!

Updated on: 14/06/2024

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