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The Calculated Discount Is Incorrect!

There are a few different reasons you might be seeing an incorrect discount applying:

The easiest way to troubleshoot - use the "Test discounts" page

We have created a "Test discounts" page in our app, that lets you:
Preview how discounts will apply with different items in the cart, different customers, etc.
Troubleshoot why your discount isn't applying as expected, with plain English feedback.

Using this page, you might be able to immediately solve your problem. Check out this tutorial to learn how to use it.

If you'd prefer not to use the "Test discounts" page, continue reading to explore the possible reasons the calculated discount is incorrect.

Possibility 1: Shopify is caching the previous discount calculation

Shopify sometimes caches previous discount calculations.

For example, if your cart had 3 items before you created your discount, and it still has the same exact 3 items, with the same quantities, there's a good chance Shopify hasn't asked our app to calculate the discount yet.

Or, if your cart is the same before and after logging in, then Shopify is not going to trigger a discount recalculation.

We recommend updating your cart by adding/removing items, or increasing/decreasing the quantity, which should force a recalculation of discounts. You also might need to re-save your discount.

If you're still having issues, read on.

Possibility 2: The correct discount has an issue

If you have multiple discounts set up in our app, you might be expecting a different one to apply.

If it's not, then there's a good chance it ran into an issue that prevented the discount calculation from completing.

With automatic discounts, if one fails, or the items in the cart are not eligible, then it will fall back to the next eligible discount, which would explain why the wrong discount is applying.

Most often, (Especially if you have a complex discount, or if there are many items in the cart), your intended discount might be running into some of the restrictions Shopify has set on discounts created via the Shopify Functions API.

Please read this article, which explains the possible reasons your other discount is not applying.

Possibility 3: Our app has a bug!

Our app's codebase has over 230 automated tests to ensure the highest quality possible. However, if you think there's a bug in our app, please report it here.

Updated on: 14/06/2024

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