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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Regios Automatic Discounts. Here are answers to the most common questions we receive.

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Help! My discounts don't work.

Please read our Troubleshooting Regios Automatic Discounts article to solve your problem.

How can I combine/stack my discount with other discounts?

A screenshot of the "Combinations" options

You can use the "Combinations" options on the discount settings page to set your discount up to combine with other discounts.

When combining with other discounts, our app follows the same rules and limitations as Shopify's built-in discounts.

Please read Shopify's "Discount combinations" help article to understand what's possible:

Can I limit a discount to one use per customer?

Due to technical limitations, we do not currently support creating single-use discounts.

Please upvote and comment on this post in our public feedback board to let us know how important this is to you:

Can I use customer segments instead of tags?

Due to technical limitations, our app doesn't support customer segments - only tags (you can also use metafields or other conditions).

Please upvote and comment on this post in our public feedback board to let us know how important this is to you:

You can also use Shopify Flow to automatically tag customers when specific events happen.

Can I discount shipping based on customer tag?

As of January 2024, our app supports creating automatic shipping discounts. These discounts support all features of our product and order discounts.

If you run into any issues with shipping discounts, please report them here.

Is there a free plan available?

Our free plan is only available for development stores.

Even if you have a small number of orders, we recommend trying one of our paid plans.

Our support team can help you craft the right offers and increase your store's revenue.

Does the discount work with draft orders/manual orders/manual checkouts?

Our app does not depend on draft orders, but you can apply automatic discounts created through our app to draft orders.

Read this helpdesk article for more information.

Does the discount work with subscriptions?

A screenshot of the "Subscriptions and selling plans" options

Yes, our app can create discounts that work with 3rd party subscription apps.

If you'd like to apply special pricing to subscription items, or one-time purchases, you can use the "Subscriptions and selling plans" options on the "Discount settings" page.

Can I apply the discount to the compare at price instead?

If you are using our advanced logic builder, you can enable the "How to handle items already on sale > Calculate discount based on compare at price" setting.

If you are not using advanced logic builder, follow these instructions to migrate (the migration is automatic).

When this is enabled, our app will calculate the difference between the sale price and the compare at price, and then subtract that amount from the final discount, as if the compare at price were receiving the discount instead.

However, due to limitations in Shopify, the final discounted price cannot be greater than the sale price.

Please report any issues here.

How can I make the discount only apply if multiple tags are present?

You can use our advanced logic builder to create a discount for multiple tags at once.

Follow these instructions to learn how to set it up.

Can I apply the discount only to logged-in customers?

If your discount is limited to only specific customers (for example, customers with only a specific tag can use your discount) the discount will show up on the checkout page if either:

1.) That specific customer is logged into your store


2.) That specific customer has already filled in their name, email, etc., on the “Information” page in the checkout, and they are eligible based on the conditions you set up on your discount.

These are platform-wide Shopify rules and they are both applied by Shopify equally.

So if an eligible member enters their email at checkout, regardless of whether or not they are logged in to your store, the discount will always apply.

Can I ensure the customer can't apply other discount codes to the order?

We suggest creating an "amount off order" discount for the customer tags you've mentioned, but leave all the checkboxes in the "Combinations" section unchecked.

Our app has the same limitations as Shopify's built-in automatic discounts when it comes to combining with other discounts.

So, we also suggest familiarizing yourself with Shopify's rules for discount combinations:

Can I show different discount titles depending on the customer's language?

Our app does not support translation/localization at this time.

However, you can use our advanced logic builder to apply discounts with different titles depending on the customer's geolocation.

Follow these instructions to learn how to set it up.

Please upvote and comment on this post in our public feedback board to let us know how important this is to you.

Can you translate the app into Chinese/German/another language?

Thanks for your interest, but unfortunately, we have no plans to translate the app at this time. We only have English-speaking staff.

Does the app store any customer information?

No, we do not store any customer info in our database.

Our app has an option where you can select individual customers for a discount, but their data is stored on Shopify's servers using metafields, not our database.

It possible to offer a free gift when a customer spends a certain amount, or purchases a specific item?

Please read this article we have written, which answers questions about auto add to cart/free gift with purchase offers.

Does your app work with subscriptions?

Read this article to learn whether your subscription app is compatible with our app.

Read this article to learn about the options available for applying discounts to subscription line items.

Can I apply a discount to all recurring payments, not just the first payment of a subscription?

Read this article for the answer to this question.

Is there a way to apply a discount only once per customer?

Please read this article we have written, which answers this question.

Does this app support Shopify POS?

Yes, discounts created with our app will work in Shopify POS.

Make sure to turn on “automatic discounts” in Cart > More actions > Discounts in the Shopify POS app.

Unfortunately, automatic discounts can only be applied in locations with a POS Pro subscription.

Read more on Shopify's "Discount management" helpdesk page.

In addition, it doesn't work when a "custom sale" is in the cart. Please read this helpdesk article for more information on why our app doesn't work with POS custom sales.

Can I get back my discounts if I uninstalled the app and installed it again?

Screenshot of the pre-uninstall warning

Sorry, but no.

It Is clearly mentioned before you uninstall our app that doing so will delete all your discounts.

The discount settings are stored in Shopify metafields attached to each discount. Once the discounts are deleted, the metafields are, too, along with all settings data.

Can I create a discount for products with specific tags/specific product tags?

Please read this helpdesk article, which answers this question.

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Updated on: 04/07/2024

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