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How to Use The Test Discount Page

Click the thumbnail above to watch our founder demonstrate how to use this page.

The "Test discounts" page allows you to:
Preview how discounts will apply with different items in the cart, different customers, etc.
Troubleshoot why your discount isn't applying as expected, with plain English feedback.

Step 1: Select discount to preview

Screenshot of the "Select discount to preview" card

When you first open this page, our app will load a list of all the discounts you've created with our app. You must select one to continue.

Step 2: (Optional) Select customer

Screenshot of the "Customer (optional)" card

If your discount only applies to specific customers, then you can use this setting to simulate the cart when a specific customer is buying.

Simply press "Select customer." You can also remove the customer at any time.

Step 3: (Optional) Localization settings

Screenshot of the "Localization" card

If your discount only applies to customers in specific countries, then you can use this setting to simulate that.

Customer is in this country: You can select up to 1 country to simulate at a time.
Presentment currency rate: This is the currency conversion rate, FROM your store's currency, TO the customer's currency. For example, if your store is in the US, and 1 USD = 1.33 CAD, then you could set the "Presentment currency rate" to 1.33 to simulate a Canadian customer.

Step 4: Add product variants to the cart

Screenshot of the "Cart" card, with discounts and explanations of why specific products didn't receive discounts

Finally, in the "Cart" section, press "Search product variants." You can select multiple product variants.

Once you have product variants in the cart, the following will happen:

If your discount applies to specific collections, our app will load a list of which products in the cart are in which collections.
Our app will calculate discounted prices for the product variants in the cart, and display them with a green badge.
For product variants that didn't receive a discount, a red badge will be shown, and bullet points explaining every reason the discount wasn't applied will be shown as well.
Below the cart, in the "Order subtotal" section, you will see the sum of all the prices after discounts have been applied.

Using this page, you can get immediate feedback on why your discount might not be applying as expected.

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Updated on: 09/04/2024

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