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Applying Discounts Based on Customer Metafields

Regios Automatic Discounts lets you create discounts that only apply to customers with specific metafield values. This can be useful for creating loyalty programs, or integrating with other Shopify apps.

You can only read the value of 1 metafield in your discount, even if you are using the advanced logic builder. Shopify Functions only allows us to request a limited amount of data about the cart when calculating discounts, so we could only fit 1 metafield into the limit.

To create a metafield-specific automatic discount, select "Customers with a specific metafield" in the "Discount applies to customers" section of the discount setup form.

Screenshot of the "Customers with a specific metafield" option being selected.

When this option is active, you'll be shown a few additional fields, where you can type in the metafield you want to apply the discount to.

Screenshot of the metafield discount options

You have multiple options:

Choose metafield: A customer metafield definition from your store. We automatically load these from your store, but you can choose to "Enter metafield manually."
Condition: Either "equals" (the default), or "contains." This determines how the discount handles the customer's metafield value.
Metafield value: If your condition is "equals," your discount will only apply if the customer's metafield value is exactly equal to this field's value. If your condition is "contains," then your discount will apply if the customer's metafield value contains this field's value.

If you choose "Enter metafield manually," you will be shown 2 additional fields: Metafield namespace and Metafield key.

Screenshot of the fields for manually entering a metafield definition

You can find the correct metafield namespace and metafield key in Settings > Custom data > Metafields > Customers in your Shopify admin dashboard.

Screenshot of a customer metafield definition in the Shopify admin dashboard

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Updated on: 11/03/2024

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