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Our advanced logic builder allows you to set complex logic and conditions for your discounts. Like Shopify Flow, it is a flowchart builder that lets you chain together conditions and actions.

Click the thumbnail above to watch our founder demonstrate how to set up a discount using the logic builder.


We know this is a lot of information. You probably want to get started right away!

To make setup easier for you, we've put together examples of possible discounts you might want to build.

Check out this article, which contains video and text tutorials of how to create common logic builder setups, such as:

First time customer discounts
Tiered/loyalty discounts

Available Logic Steps

The advanced logic builder is a flowchart consisting of "steps," which are chained together. The following sections will explain each available step in depth.

Discount type

Screenshot of a "Discount type" step

This is always the first step in the flowchart. You must press the "Then" button to define what happens at the start of your logic flow.

You can choose from either:
A "Check if" step
Or, an "Apply discount" step

Check If

Screenshot of a "Check if" step

You can use a "Check if" step to filter the line items in the cart and determine which ones are eligible for a discount.

By clicking "Edit criteria," you can add and combine various conditions for things like customer eligibility, product eligibility, minimum/maximum purchase requirements, and more.

To learn about the conditions available for advanced logic builder discounts, read this article.

Screenshot of the criteria match type radio buttons

You also have the option to choose whether all conditions need to be met for a line item to be eligible (an "AND condition"), or if only 1 of the conditions needs to be met (an "OR condition").

Screenshot of the "Then" and "Otherwise" buttons

When you create a "Check if" step, you must also define what happens to line items that meet the conditions. To do this, press the "Then" button, where you can then choose either:
"Apply discount" to apply a discount to eligible line items, or
"Check if" to further filter the eligible line items

Once you have chosen a step for the "Then," you can optionally choose an "Otherwise" step that runs for any line item that doesn't meet the criteria. This is similar to an "else" statement in computer programming.

To create even more complex logic for when discounts can apply, you can chain together multiple "Check if" steps using the "Then" and "Otherwise" buttons. This is what makes the advanced logic builder so powerful.

Apply Discount

Screenshot of an "Apply discount" step

This step will apply a discount to a product. Just like the basic logic builder, you can apply:
Percentage discounts
Fixed amounts
Volume/tiered/quantity break discounts
Fixed price
[Buy X] Get Y

Consult this article to learn more about all the discount value options in Regios Automatic Discounts.

How to handle items already on sale

Screenshot of the "How to handle items already on sale" options

In Shopify, you can apply a global discount to products by setting a "sale price" and "compare at price." Contrary to popular belief, this is completely separate from Shopify's discounting system. Shopify's discounting system always applies discounts to the "sale price," regardless of whether there is a "compare at price."

Our advanced logic builder gives you 3 ways to define how discounts should be applied to products that have a compare at price:

Don't apply discount to items already on sale: If a product has a compare at price, this discount will not apply to it.
Calculate discount based on compare at price: If a product has a compare at price, adjust the discount calculation, so that it accounts for the difference between the sale price and the compare at price. IMPORTANT: The final price after the discount is applied cannot be greater than the sale price, due to limitations in Shopify. As mentioned above, Shopify discounts always apply to the "sale price," so we can't override that logic.
Stack discounts on top of sale price: Do not adjust the discount calculation or behavior in any way; simply calculate the discount based on the "sale price."

Automatic Conversion From Basic Logic Builder

Screenshot of the "Switch to advanced settings" button

When you press the "Switch to advanced settings" button in the basic logic builder (the one without a flowchart), our app will automatically convert your existing discount to an advanced logic builder flow. This will give you a good place to start from, without having to recreate your entire discount from scratch.

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Updated on: 04/06/2024

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