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Subscription App Compatibility with Regios Automatic Discounts

General rules for compatibility

Our app's discounts work basically the same as Shopify's automatic discounts. In general, anything that is compatible with those, will be compatible with our app.
If a subscription app uses Shopify's Subscription API, it will likely be compatible with our app.
If a subscription relies on draft orders, it will likely not be compatible with our app.

Known supported subscription apps

These are subscription apps other customers have told us work with our app:
Were you able to use Regios Automatic Discounts with another subscription app? Please reach out via chat to let us know!

We generally don't test subscription apps ourselves at this point, as it is unfortunately a low priority for us.

Known unsupported subscription apps

RecurringGO! (relies on draft orders)

Can I apply a discount to all recurring payments, not just the first payment?

Unfortunately, due to limitations in Shopify itself, this is impossible.

Shopify's API doesn't support setting "recurring payments for subscriptions" settings on automatic discounts created using Shopify Functions.

In addition, this isn't something we can work around ourselves, because the Shopify Functions API doesn't let us know whether it's the first payment, or a recurring payment. We can only check whether the line item's selling plan will result in multiple deliveries.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Updated on: 12/03/2024

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