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Your Discount Configuration Is Too Big Error

Screenshot of the "Your discount configuration is too big" error message

Unfortunately, Shopify Functions limits the size of metafields, which we use to store your discount configuration, to 10 kilobytes.

If you're reading this, then your discount configuration data is currently bigger than 10 kilobytes.

What is a "discount configuration"?

Our app have many available settings to let you fully customize your discount logic. However, these settings need to be stored somewhere.

Because we are using a Shopify API called Shopify Functions, which cannot access the network in public apps, we can't store these settings in a database. Instead, the settings are saved as metafields.

As mentioned here in the Shopify Functions documentation, "metafields with values exceeding 10,000 bytes in size will not be returned."

Why are you using Shopify Functions despite this limitation?

The benefit of Shopify Functions discounts is that they integrate seamlessly with the entire platform, and so they can consistently apply in the cart, checkout, and POS without requiring draft orders or other workarounds.

However, they have some several limitations, some placed by Shopify themselves.

Despite this, we believe that the benefits of Functions to merchants like you outweigh the cons.

Workaround 1 - Opt in to the compact format

Screenshot of where to opt in to the Compact format beta

We have released an update to our app that greatly increases the number of products/variants/etc. you can include in a single discount.

It is no longer in beta, so you can opt in today.

In order to opt in, go to the "Settings" page, find the "Feature flags" section, check "Use compact format," and then press "Save."

Other workarounds

If you don't want to opt in to use the compact format, here are the alternatives available:
You might need to remove some products or customers, and try again.
If you need to discount a large number of products, consider separating them into separate discounts.

Want updates on this issue?

If you'd like to be updated on the beta progress, please upvote and comment on this thread on our feedback board.

Have any feedback for us?

We want to hear about your experience with our app! Leave a review on the Shopify App Store.

Updated on: 14/06/2024

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