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Volume Pricing Table


This feature is currently in early access.

If you encounter any issues, or have any additional requests for this feature, please comment on this thread in our public feedback board.

Volume Pricing Table

Volume pricing table screenshot

In order to stimulate sales, you can add our "Volume Pricing Table" app block to your product page.

The contents in the table are automatically set based on discounts you created in our app's admin dashboard.

If a product is eligible for a volume discount, the table will be displayed.

This feature is currently only supported on product pages.

Click the thumbnail above to watch a video demonstration of the volume pricing table setup.


Create at least 1 automatic product discount that has a volume discount. This article explains the discount value options in our app.
Follow the Discounts on Product Pages tutorial to add the Discounts Embed and Product Page Discount app block to your theme.
Add the "Volume Pricing Table" app block to your product page. It doesn't matter where you put it on the page - it will always appear just below the discounted prices and discount description.
Follow the rest of the instructions in this article to customize how it looks and behaves.
OPTIONAL - We recommend turning on the "Calculate discount based on quantity" setting in the "Discounts Embed," so that your customers will see in real-time what volume discounts they'll get when they increase the quantity input.

Customization options

By using the app block's settings in the Theme Editor, you can edit the appearance of the table in the following ways:
Changing the text of the table headers and "Add to cart" button
Editing the foreground/background color of the table headers, cells, and buttons
Adding custom CSS properties to gain greater control over the table's appearance

Add to cart button

Screenshot of the "Add to cart" button

The Volume Pricing Table app block gives you the option to show customers an "Add to cart" button.

When clicked, it will add an appropriate amount of the currently-selected variant to the cart, and then take the customer to the cart page.

For example, if your quantity break is for >= 3 items, then 3 of the current variant will be added.

Removing the add to cart button

Screenshot of the "Add to cart Button Text" field being empty

If you don't want to display an "Add to cart" button, simply clear the "Buttons > Add to cart Button Text" text field.

Updated on: 14/06/2024

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