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Logic Builder: Discount Conditions

Our advanced logic builder offers a number of conditions you can chain together to get very precise about who will receive which discounts.

Here's a breakdown of them all:

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Include/exclude customers

"Screenshot of an include/exclude customers condition"

You can include or exclude customers from receiving a discount, using various customer eligibility options.

Include/exclude products

Screenshot of an "include/exclude products condition"

You can include or exclude products from receiving a discount, using various product eligibility options.

Check if specific products are in the cart

Screenshot of a "Check if specific products are in the cart" condition

You can use this condition to only apply a discount to some items when specific other items are present in the cart.

You can use this for bundle offers, cross-selling, and more.

For example, if a customer adds a camera to their cart, offer a discount on camera accessories such as lenses, tripods, or memory cards.

You can use all the product eligibility options available in the "Include/exclude specific products" condition.

Differently from the "Include/exclude specific products" condition, this condition does not require the current line item to be eligible for the selected product eligibility options.

Minimum/maximum purchase requirements

Screenshot of a "minimum/maximum purchase requirements" condition

You can require a minimum/maximum quantity/subtotal for line items to be eligible for the discount, using purchase requirements options.

Include/exclude one-time purchases or subscriptions

Screenshot of a "Include/exclude selling plans" condition

You can make a discount apply to only one-time purchases or subscriptions using this condition.

Read this article to learn about the available options.

Compare numbers

Screenshot of a "Compare this number" condition

You can compare a number/quantity from the customer/order to a number known ahead of time, as an additional way to filter who gets a discount.

The most common use of this is for first-time customer discounts.

There are 3 fields you can use to decide the logic:
Compare this number: Represents a number available at the of the discount calculation.
To this number: A static number known ahead of time, such as 0 or 23.
Compare by: Which mathematical operation to use to compare the 2 numbers.

Options available for "Compare this number":
Customer number of orders

Screenshot of the "Compare by" options

Options available for "Compare by":
Equals (==)
Not equal (!=)
Less than (<)
Less than or greater to (<=)
Greater than (>)
Greater than or equal to (>=)


1st order discount: Customer number of orders == 0
Discount on the 3rd order for every customer: Customer number of orders == 2
Discount for repeat customers: Customer number of orders >= 1

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Updated on: 08/07/2024

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