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Migrating to the New DOPP

If you were using the "Discounted Price" block before March 24th, 2024, then follow these instructions to upgrade to the new version of the "discount on product page" (DOPP) feature, which fixes the limitations of the "Discounted Price" block.

Click the thumbnail above to watch our founder walk you through this migration.

You can find the full video and text tutorial for the new DOPP here.

Step 1: Enable Discounts Embed

Screenshot of discount embed

Make sure you have the "Discounts Embed" app embed toggled on in your Theme Editor.

Without this enabled, the new DOPP will not work.

Step 2: Check if your theme has dedicated support

Specific themes have support for not only the product page, but also:

The collection page
The home page
Product recommendations

You can find the list here.

If your theme has dedicated support, then:
You can unhide your theme's built-in "Price" block if it was previously hidden
You can hide/remove all "Discounted Price" blocks in your product page template
Stop reading this article and go to the new DOPP tutorial.

Otherwise, you will need to use the "Discounted Price" block with the new DOPP.

Steps 3-6 cover the rest of the minimum necessary setup, but you can find more details on that page.

Step 3: Remove all but 1 "Discounted Price" block

You might have multiple "Discounted Price" blocks in your product page template.

The new DOPP only requires 1 "Discounted Price" block.

Step 4: Update "Discounted Price" block settings

Set the "Percentage/amount" option to 0. Yes, 0.
Make sure "Visibility > Show original price if discount doesn't apply" is checked.

With these settings, the "Discounted Price" block will always show the base price (or compare at price, if present) for a product. The new DOPP will automatically overwrite its content based on applicable automatic discounts from our app.

Step 5. Set theme type in Discounts Embed

Screenshot of the "Theme type" option

Select"'Discounted Price' block (read helpdesk article)" for the "Theme type" in the Discounts Embed settings.

Without this enabled, the new DOPP will not work with your existing "Discounted Price" block.

Step 6. Add Product Page Discount block

Screenshot of "Product page discount" block

Step 7: Test on product page

After saving your theme edits, open your product page, to a product that is eligible for the discount, and you should see the price change automatically based on the discount.

Keep in mind that if your discount is limited to specific customers, you need to be logged in as one of those customers.

You can find more information about testing your discounts here.

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Updated on: 24/03/2024

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