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Using Multiple Discounted Price Blocks At The Same Time

If you have multiple discount offers you would like to display on product pages, then you will need to add the "Discounted price" block to your product page template multiple times.

Screenshot of 2 "Discounted price" blocks in the same template

For example, if you have a 10% off products discount for your "Silver" tagged customers, and 20% off for your "Gold" tagged customers, you need to add the app block to your product page template twice.

Making sure only one price shows

If your discounts are mutually exclusive (in other words, there is no overlap between the customer tags for these discounts), then you can use the app block settings to make sure only one price shows on the page at a time:

Screenshot of the default "Price" block being hidden

Hide the built-in "Price" block on your product page. The "Discounted price" block can replace it, using the setting we will discuss in step 2.

Screenshot of the "Show original price if discount doesn't apply" option

On exactly one of your "Discounted price" blocks, check the "Strikethrough price > how original price if discount doesn't apply" checkbox. Make sure it is off for the others. This setting will cause the app block to display a product's original price, if the customer/product is not eligible for the discount. This way, it acts as a fallback option, to always show the customer a price.

Screenshot of the "Only customers with specific tags can see this" option

On all of your "Discounted price" blocks, if the discounted price should only be shown to customers with specific tags, check the "Visibility > Only customers with specific tags can see this" checkbox.

Want to try the new version?

If you'd like updates on when the new version of the "discount on product page" (DOPP) feature, which will address its current limitations, is live, upvote and comment on this thread in our public feedback board.

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Updated on: 13/03/2024

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