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Logic Builder: Examples

We've created special video and text tutorials to guide you on creating common types of discounts using our advanced logic builder.

We hope that these brief videos will help you create the exact offer you wanted, quickly.

How to Create a First-Time Customer Discount

Click the thumbnail above to watch our founder teach you how to create a first time customer discount.

Screenshot of a first-time customer discount setup.

To set up a first-time customer discount, you first need to create a "Check if" step, with a "Customer number of orders" condition.

Screenshot of "Compare this number" settings

Next, set these options for the condition:
Compare this number: Customer number of orders
To this number: 0
Compare by: Equals (==)

Finally, add an "Apply discount" step, and press "Save."

How to Create a Tiered Loyalty Discount

Click the thumbnail above to watch our founder teach you how to create a tiered loyalty discount.

Screenshot of a discount that offers different percentages off to different customer tiers

To set up a tiered loyalty discount, you need to create a chain of "Check if" steps. Each should have:
An "Include/exclude customers" condition that includes customers with a specific tag (or metafield, or however you distinguish between your loyalty tiers)
An "Apply discount" step as its "Then," where you apply the discount that you want that loyalty tier to receive

You can use the "Otherwise" button to chain together alternative conditions. This way, if a customer does not have the "Gold" tag, for example, you can provide logic that checks if they do have the "Silver" tag, and if so, gives them a different discount.

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Updated on: 11/03/2024

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