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Troubleshooting Custom Theme Setup

If you are experiencing issues with custom theme setup, please try the instructions in this article to resolve your issue.

We strongly encourage you to try all of the steps outlined in this guide.

Skipping steps may mean waiting for a solution from us in cases where your problem could have been resolved immediately.

First - Check The Developer Tools Console

A screenshot of console logs identifying common setup errors

If you miss a step in the setup, our app will log error messages to the console to let you know what needs to be fixed. Many of these messages include links to the relevant sections in our helpdesk.

Screenshot of discount application explanations being reported in the browser console

If the customer/product is not eligible for discounts, our app will log warnings to the browser console that explain, in plain English, why the discount was not applied.

These are the same explanations you would see in the "Test discounts" page in our app.

Re-Read The Custom Theme Setup Guide

Most issues people have with custom theme setup are caused by skipping instructions mentioned in the Custom Theme Setup guide.

Please make sure you have followed every single instruction in these sections:
Product page template
Collection page template
Product recommendations
Price template (make sure you also read the "Price template example" section)

Try the "Test Discounts" page

The "Test discounts" page in our app allows you to simulate how discounts will apply, and it will also give you plain-English feedback (and sometimes links to our helpdesk) when a discount is not applied.

This will allow you to instantly solve many common issues.

Reach out to support

If you've tried all the above steps, but you're still having issues, we'd be more than happy to help you out in our chat.

To get a solution in the fastest time possible, please provide the following when you reach out:

- A link to a product/collection page that has a problem
- A collaborator request code (so that we can inspect your theme code if necessary)
- If your discount applies to customers with specific tags, please create an account with these tags, and provide us with the credentials

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Updated on: 14/06/2024

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