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My Discount Stops Working When There Are Many Items In The Cart!

Are you noticing your discount stop working when a certain number of items are in the cart? Or are you seeing your discount only apply in the cart/checkout sometimes?

The problem you're facing is because Shopify Functions, where our app runs code on Shopify's servers, has strict limits on how much it can handle at once. This is why your discounts aren't applying correctly when the cart gets full.


Q: When am I likely to have this issue?
A: This issue can occur when you have a logic flow that is complex. Having about 5 to 8 "Check If" steps is an indicator of a complex logic and such logic hits the limit quickly.

Q: Do I make my discounts have a single condition?
A: It doesn't necessarily have to be just 1 condition per discount. But the more conditions, the more likely you will hit the limit.


You could try setting up more discounts, where each one has fewer conditions. This way, each discount remains simpler and is less likely to hit Shopify's limits.

For example, if you have a discount that checks for 5 different collections, you could try creating 3 discounts, where each only checks for 1-2 collections.

Shopify lets you set up to five different discounts using Shopify Functions.

If this doesn't work, there's another trick you might try, which you can find here:
Regios Tech Workaround for App-Based Discounts Limit.

Want Shopify to increase the limits?

We brought up this limit issue with Shopify back in August 2023, and they’ve put it on their to-do list for 2024. You can help push this forward by adding your thoughts on this GitHub thread:
Shopify Functions Discussion.

In addition, Shopify has announced upcoming changes to their API on July 1st that should help increase how complex discounts can be: Shopify API changes.

Let us know if you need more help or have other questions!

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Updated on: 22/07/2024

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