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5 App-Based Discounts Error

Screenshot of the "5 total app-based discounts" error message

Unfortunately, Shopify has a limit of 5 app-based discounts at a time.

This applies to ALL apps on your entire store combined, not just ours.

What is an "app-based discount"?

Our app is built on a new Shopify feature called Shopify Functions.

An "app-based" discount is any discount created by an app that uses Shopify Functions.

Why are you using Shopify Functions despite this limitation?

The benefit of Shopify Functions discounts is that they integrate seamlessly with the entire platform, and so they can consistently apply in the cart, checkout, and POS without requiring draft orders or other workarounds.

However, they have some several limitations, some placed by Shopify themselves.

As discussed in this Shopify Community Forums thread, you can only create 5 total app-based discounts on your store.

Despite this limit, we believe that the benefits of Functions to merchants like you outweigh the cons. We are hoping Shopify will remove this limit in the future.


If you're on our Premium plan or higher, then you can use our advanced logic builder to create a single discount that checks for multiple conditions, instead of 5 separate discounts.

Follow these detailed instructions to learn how to use our advanced logic builder.

Want updates on this issue?

If you'd like to be updated if/when Shopify removes this limit, please upvote and comment on this thread on our feedback board.

Have any feedback for us?

We want to hear about your experience with our app! Leave a review on the Shopify App Store.

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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