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Shipping Method Eligibility Options in Regios Automatic Discounts

Screenshot of an include/exclude shipping methods condition

In our app, you can limit shipping discounts to specific shipping methods.

IMPORTANT: This is based on the title of the shipping method in checkout, NOT the name of the app that provides shipping rates.

For example, if you have "Shipstation" checked:
The discount will only be applied if the shipping method name in checkout is "Shipstation"
It will not automatically apply to shipping rates calculated by Shipstation that don't have "Shipstation" in the title

How to add shipping method eligibility conditions

Screenshot of the "Free shipping for specific shipping methods" template

If you're in the advanced logic builder (the one with a flowchart), we recommend starting your shipping discount using the "Free shipping for specific shipping methods" template.

Screenshot of the "Include/exclude shipping methods" option

If not, you can still add this type of condition by selecting "Include/exclude shipping methods" when adding new criteria to a "Check if" step.

If you're in the basic logic builder (legacy customers only), you will see a "Shipping method eligibility" card in the form when you create or edit a shipping discount.

Available options

Our app will automatically detect available shipping methods, and they will all be checked by default. Uncheck the ones you don't want.
You can also use the "Manually enter shipping method" text field to add a shipping method that couldn't be detected automatically. For example, if you are using a 3rd party shipping rate app, then its shipping rates will most likely not be automatically detectable by our app.
Choose how to compare the shipping method title: Tells our app how to compare the shipping method title at checkout to the shipping methods you have checked. For example, if you have "USPS" checked, and you have chosen "Contains," then "USPS Expedited Shipping," "USPS Ground," and "USPS Same-day" would all be eligible.

Updated on: 01/06/2024

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