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Automatic Discounts Pricing FAQ

Welcome to Regios Automatic Discounts. Here are answers to the most common pricing questions we receive.

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Pricing Plan Comparison

Screenshot of Regios Automatic Discounts pricing on the Shopify App Store.

Our app has 3 pricing plans:
Development store: Free. For development stores only. This plan lets Shopify Partners test our app.
Premium: $20/month. Apply discount to 500 orders per month. Priority support
Ultimate: $40/month. Apply discount to 500+ orders per month. Highest priority support

How can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Screenshot of the "Choose Plan" link in the Regios Discounts navigation.

In Regios Automatic Discounts, select "Choose Plan" to be taken to our billing page.

Screenshot of the billing page.

If you are already on one of our paid plans, you will see buttons on the page that give you the option to "Upgrade" or "Downgrade" your subscription to the other plan.

On development stores ONLY, you can also "Downgrade to free."

Is there a free plan available?

As mentioned on our app listing page, our free plan is only available for development stores.

Even if you have a small number of orders, we recommend trying one of our paid plans.

Which pricing plan is right for me?

Choose your pricing plan based on the number of orders you expect the discount to be applied to per month.

How are "orders per month" counted?

We price based on the number of orders you expect the discount to be applied to per month.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you are still on free trial: if you uninstall, your charge will automatically be cancelled. No need to speak to a human.
If your trial has expired: if you uninstall, all future billings from our app will stop immediately. No need to speak a human.

I want a refund!

If you are looking for a refund, please reach out to us.

A member of our team will assist you with a refund ASAP.

Please keep in mind that we do not offer 24/7 support, so please be patient, we will get to your request in time.

We take your feedback seriously.

If there's something our app is missing, please let us know in our public feedback board.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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