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Applying Discounts Based on Customer Location

Regios Automatic Discounts lets you create discounts that only apply to customers in specific countries. This can be useful for international stores.

This requires Shopify's Geolocation app. Location detection is based on the customer's geolocation, OR the shipping address location (whichever is available).

To create a location-specific automatic discount, select "Customers in a specific location" in the "Discount applies to customers" section of the discount setup form.

Screenshot of the "Customers in a specific location" option being selected.

When this option is active, you'll be shown a search field, where you can type in the names of countries you want to apply the discount to. You can select multiple countries.

Screenshot of the customer search field

Each selected country will appear as a tag. You can click the "x" button on any of these tags to remove a country from your list.

Screenshot of multiple countries being selected in a discount

In the cart and checkout, the customer's country is detected from Shopify's localization object:

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Updated on: 17/07/2024

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